• Academy of Art University - Fine Art Photography

Professional Background

2000 Founding Yoshimi Sugiyama Photography and
2012 Founding Rin Photo Arts LLC

Award & Exhibition

1999 AWARD: Medium Format Photo Contest at Kodak & Popular Photo Magazine (USA)
2013 EXHIBITION: “Japanese Garden” at The Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco.  The Japan Information Center (USA)
2013 EXHIBITION & AWARD: “The Human Impact New Directions in Landscape” Photography WINNER(USA)
2015 AWARD: City of Okayama Korakuen 5th Photo contest WINNER (Japan)
2016 EXHIBITION & AWARD: 21st Artavita Art Exhibition Contest WINNER (USA)
2017 AWARD: A Design Award & Competition GOLD WINNER (Italy)
2017 ONE EYELAND World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers Photo Contest Finalist


  • サンフランシスコ Academy of Art University
    ファインアート フォトグラフィー学科


2000年 Yoshimi Sugiyama Photography & 設立


1999年 コダック&ポピュラーフォト誌主催中判カメラ・コンテスト入賞
2013年 サンフランシスコ日本国総領事館において個展『日本庭園』を開催
2013年 The Human Impactフォトコンテスト『New Directions in Landscape Photography』入賞 (アメリカ)
2015年 岡山県主催 第5回後楽園フォトコンテスト入賞(日本)
2016年 Artavita アートコンテスト入賞(アメリカ)
2017年 A'Design写真部門金賞受賞(イタリア)
2017年 ONE EYELAND 世界の風景写真家10人 コンテスト ファイナリスト
Yoshimi Sugiyama

As a fine art photographer, my work is about nature.  However, it is creating a new dimension by showing the conflict between contrasting concepts such as Reality (tree) and Unreality (animistic spirit), Light and Shadow, Stillness (night / photograph) and Motion (emitting light), and Past and Present.  The work itself is a unique hybrid of painting and photography.  It is created by shining flashlights in the darkness.

My work also takes a form that challenges accepted ideas of what art should look like.  The style of my work is expressive fine art, but my work can also be seen as mythology or cultural symbols.  It appears artificially colored, but the balanced composition of nature and artifact is obviously intentional to show a mystical spiritual beauty in these photographs.